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Arcadelt                                                                              Palestrina



Holy Week in the Sistine Chapel

Music by Josquin, Arcadelt and Palestrina


Wednesday, April 1st at 8pm

The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth



No venue in the history of music has a greater mystique than the Sistine Chapel, particularly in the days before Easter. Tourists to Rome – most famously Mozart and Mendlessohn – craned their necks and ears to hear the music coming from the darkened chapel. What they heard did not begin and end with Allegri’s Miserere. Revisiting the music which won Musica Contexta so many accolades for its Chandos recordings, the first half of this programme traces music which obviously inspired and, in the case of Palestrina’s Benedictus, acted as a model for Allegri’s famous work. The second half goes one generation further back, to the Sistine composer known as 'le divin Arcadelt'. A natural melodist with a rich harmonic language, Arcadelt is, we believe, the next great Renaissance composer to be rediscovered.



Palestrina Lamentation III for Maundy Thursday

Chant Responsory

Palestrina Stabat Mater

Josquin Miserere mei

Palestrina Vexilla Regis

Palestrina Benedictus


Mass for Easter Day

Arcadelt Missa Ave Regina Coelorum

Palestrina Haec dies

Palestrina Terra tremuit

Arcadelt Pater noster











This concert takes place in the Conventual Church of the Order of Malta, Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, Grove End Road NW8, just a stone's throw from St John's Wood tube station.


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